Pamper Dog Wash Services

We come to you in all weather.

We provide a heated hydrobath with fresh water for each wash and a range of shampoos to suit each skin type.

Every pet is brushed and combed before and after the bath.

We provide full blow drying, nail clipping, flea rinse or treatment and dog perfume.

Full body clips also available.

After pampering, your dog is given a special little treat.

We know some dogs might be timid or anxious in new situations but we always take as much time as necessary to ensure your dog feels comfortable enough before we start.


We understand each dog is different and has different needs, for that reason our prices depends on size, temperament, length and condition of the coat. If the coat is in very bad shape, and the session takes longer than it would normally, prices may also vary. Prices below are a guide not a set price.

General Wash and Dry Service

This Service includes a full warm hydrobath wash — Shampoo and conditioner carefully selected for each dog — Full blow dry — Dogs are fully brushed before bath as well as during and after drying process — Nail trimming — Dog Perfume.

  • Small from $45
  • Medium from $55
  • Large from $65
  • X Large from $75

Wash and Tidy Up Service

This Service includes the General Wash and Dry Service plus trimming around the face, feet, tail and bottom as well as clipping belly and groin areas. It costs an additional $10–$15 and it is great for in between full services.

Wash and Full Body Clipping Service

  • Small from $80
  • Medium from $90
  • Large from $100

Because the health and safety of our clients is our number 1 priority, please ensure that dogs with flea problems are treated before their appointment with us.

FURrminator Shed Less Treatment

Are you fed up with having to shake all your clothes and remove pet hair from them? FURrminating reduces shedding by up to 90%.

This treatment removes the loose, dead undercoat resulting in a healthier and shinier topcoat. Available from $5. See for more details.